“Ive been going crazy at home because its hard to find an office that’s open due to the pandemic. I really needed my Botox and I found CPV and how they come to my home and do the treatment for me! It was an amazing to watch them set up the treatment bed quickly with no mess! Mastaneh is absolutely delicate with her hands I didn’t feel any pain! I highly recommend her. My friends are ready to use her services now too!”
-Tess T.

“When I first heard of CVP I was so excited because I’ve never gotten a treatment done at home before! Especially during COVID I’m avoiding leaving the house as much as possible. Mastaneh and her assistant came on time and had the set up ready in my living room in a matter of minutes. I felt like a new person after my treatment! And Mastaneh made me feel so comfortable. They were so professional and sanitary, and they left without leaving a mess. Already booked for my next appointment in a few months!”
-Kelsey G.

“Mastaneh did an amazing job with my lip fillers! I couldn’t find an office that was able to accommodate me but Mastaneh went above and beyond and actually came to my house! It was crazy to watch how they set up the bed and tools all in my living room and I didn’t need to help! Thank you so much.”
-Talia P.

“Trusting someone with your fillers and Botox is hard enough. This pandemic has made it even more difficult for me to trust just anyone with my cosmetic Derm needs. Thank you for making it such a safe and professional experience. Definitely recommend.”
-Bahareh H.

“Clinic Pour Vous really changed my perspective on getting cosmetic treatments done. I really wanted to get a lip filler done and had a hard time finding an office that could accommodate me. I was referred to Clinic Pour Vous and found that they were a mobile service where and they came to my home in Beverlywood! When I made the appointment online I was surprised how easy it was, and they came to my house on time and setup quickly. Mastaneh gave me a lot of options to choose from, and had all her supplies with her ready to go! The most exciting part was that I was able to try out a vitamin IV as well during the appointment and it felt amazing! Thank you so much CPV
-T J.

“I’m writing this review for Mastaneh at CPV she did an amazing job doing the micro needling for me. It did a great job of removing my acne scars. I was especially happy that she was able to do an at home treatment because I’m concerned about going out due to Covid. Thank you so much CPV and Mastaneh I can’t wait to see her again!!”
-Ari S.

“I’m so glad I called clinic pour vous to come to my house!!!
I wanted to get a medical chemical peel but was uncomfortable to go out to my regular medical spa. I didn’t want others to see be being peeling and red. They came to my house and were super professional. I was so happy with the service. Now I can have them come to my home for botox and fillers. 🙂 love it”
-Shadi H.

“I came across Clinic Pour Vous because I was looking to do microneedling for my acne scars but I was too scared to go into offices at this time due to covid. I found out about Clinic Pour Vous and how they came to my house in Bel Air and I was surprised at how formal everything was. They came on time, set up in my living room, and left without leaving a mess and they took their trash with them! I felt safe the whole time and secure in that I was able to do it in the comfort of my own home. I already made my next appointment for a month from now for my next treatment! Thank you to Mastaneh for being so helpful and reassuring throughout the process.”
-Brian P.

“I used to suffer from acne scars since I was 16 years old. I had tried multiple treatments with lasers and peel with no improvement. I didn’t have alot of time to go to different medical spa or clinics. So I gave clinic pour vous a call and they came to my house in beverlyhills. Since then I have had 6 microneedling vampire facials and my skin looks amazing. Love it!❤️.”
-Talia H.

“CPV is absolutely an amazing and revolutionary service and I recommend for everyone to please give them a call and ask for Mastaneh! All my local med spas closed down to the pandemic, so it is really hard to find somewhere local to go to for my Botox injections. I was able to set up my appointment online easily with CPV and they came and visited me the next day! I am super happy with my results and Mastaneh was super informative.”
-Barbara M.

“Do not skip on Clinic Pour Vous. They completely changed my view on medical spa services forever. No more waiting in the office, now they come to me! Mastaneh did an absolutely amazing job on my Microneedling treatment. It was amazing how they were able to set up a medical treatment bed right in my living room and didnt need any help with anything! They were so prepared. I appreciate Mastanehs information on the treatment. Thank you so much!”
-Madison S.

“Mastaneh did an excellent job with my Kybella treatment! I had some extra downtime due to covid but did not want to leave my house. Kybella was the perfect treatment for me to help slim down my chin fat and I got in touch with Clinic Pour Vous and made an appointment for them to come to my house in Beverlywood. Everything was so easy and simple, I don’t think I’ll be going back into an office anytime soon. Thank you so much”
-Armin B.

“I was referred to CPV by a friend of mine and I decided to give them a call as I am having covid anxiety about visiting an office. I needed to get my Botox injections done and found that CPV’s prices were very reasonable. They came to my house and injected me right in my living room! Highly professional and the practitioners were really experienced and informational. Thank you so much CPV!”
-Adam J.

“Special thank you to Mastaneh and clinic pour vous. They were able to come to my home in Beverly Hills and treat me before a big event. I am extremely surprised at how prepared they were and how quickly they were able to set up. They did not leave a mess and everything was so easy!”
-Jio L.

“Staff are amazing, very experienced and they know what they are doing. I am so happy they offer mobil services in beverly hills. It is very luxury and convenient, they literllay bring the bed lighting and the entire med spa to my house. Mastaneh did such an amazing job with my botox and lip filler. I will defiantly book another appointment to do my microneedling and prp. can not wait till they are back to my house”
-Jin K.

“Mastaneh is absolutely an amazing practitioner and I am so thankful to be referred to her! I just went through a horrible stomach virus and was so scared to go to the doctors office or hospital, but Mastaneh came to my house and did a IV for me right in my living room! I was so amazed about her whole set up that I even booked an appointment for next month for a vampire facial once I get better! Absolutely great experience and I recommend CPV for anyone looking to get the best quality treatment in Los Angeles!”
-Olivia T.

Clinic pour vous is excellent for vitamin iv treatments. I was too sick to leave my home and they came to my house. Its so nice to get treatments at my own privacy and comfort. I get vitamin shot from them as well. I have tried their nad drip. That one took four hours because its a slow drip.
-Mojgan H.

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