“I’m writing this review for Mastaneh at CPV she did an amazing job doing the micro needling for me. It did a great job of removing my acne scars. I was especially happy that she was able to do an at home treatment because I’m concerned about going out due to Covid. Thank you so much CPV and Mastaneh I can’t wait to see her again!!”
-Ari S.

“I’m so glad I called clinic pour vous to come to my house!!!
I wanted to get a medical chemical peel but was uncomfortable to go out to my regular medical spa. I didn’t want others to see be being peeling and red. They came to my house and were super professional. I was so happy with the service. Now I can have them come to my home for botox and fillers. 🙂 love it”
-Shadi H.

“I came across Clinic Pour Vous because I was looking to do microneedling for my acne scars but I was too scared to go into offices at this time due to covid. I found out about Clinic Pour Vous and how they came to my house in Bel Air and I was surprised at how formal everything was. They came on time, set up in my living room, and left without leaving a mess and they took their trash with them! I felt safe the whole time and secure in that I was able to do it in the comfort of my own home. I already made my next appointment for a month from now for my next treatment! Thank you to Mastaneh for being so helpful and reassuring throughout the process.”
-Brian P.

“I used to suffer from acne scars since I was 16 years old. I had tried multiple treatments with lasers and peel with no improvement. I didn’t have alot of time to go to different medical spa or clinics. So I gave clinic pour vous a call and they came to my house in beverlyhills. Since then I have had 6 microneedling vampire facials and my skin looks amazing. Love it!❤️.”
-Talia H.

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