Clinic Pour Vous has a fleet of specially equipped luxury mini cooper cars with our logo, certain to be recognized as CPV Luxury Mobile service for your personal security at the privacy of your home.

CPV Team always arrive in two, your personal clinician with an accompanying assistant to ensure a supreme experience, outside of the office medical professionalism and unparalleled efficiency, all geared towards providing you the highest quality of cosmetic and wellness services.

Your convenience is our goal!  at CPV we understand your needs and aim to cater to your personalized routine by delivering this service directly to your place of comfort and solitude.

With CPV , you will avoid navigating through traffic and spending valuable time in exposed public spaces, We offer a range of beauty and wellness treatments that are non-surgical and minimally invasive at the privacy of your home or office. Prestige service at your fingertips.




At CPV privacy and confidentiality are of paramount importance.
CPV has a flawless history of providing exclusive treatments to high profile and prominent international patients while zealously adhering to strict guidelines of discretion. At CPV we follow stringent practices of confidentiality and VIP protocol fostering a culture of privacy and exclusivity of services.

CPV uses the most advanced technology and rigorous measures to ensure the highest levels of security and protection of sensitive information of our patients.

At CPV, your privacy is our priority.




CPV clinicians are a team of highly competent and dedicated professionals with a unique training and a rare skillset, to tailor treatments to your distinctive needs and aspirations taking into account individualized factors of all patients. Our clinicians’ astute eye and the goal of aesthetic enhancement assists patients in regaining their confidence and achieving inner well-being. 

CPV is an exclusive specialized holistic beauty treatment clinic, providing unparalleled professional high-end services far beyond the industry’s standards. we take pride in our one of a kind patient experience, the quality of care
and in-depth personalized outlook and vision.

Mastaneh PA-C is a reputable Medical Aesthetic Provider sought after for her dedication to the look of natural beauty and known for her contribution to training and educating in the cosmetic/medical field. She is a best kept celebrity secret and skincare expert.

Her work can best be described as beauty guidance with natural intention. Mastaneh believes in prioritizing inner beauty and uses her client’s best features as her focal point to restore and improve facial balance and harmony. She has earned the respect of patients and colleagues alike due to her skill set, expertise and authentic demeanor. She is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to ensure her patients reach their beauty goals and aspirations.

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